Should SMEs and MNCs look at corporate travel risk assessment and management in the same way or not, and why?

SMEs should be looking at corporate travel risk assessments and management much differently than their larger MNC counterparts. While they share a similar, superior methodology of addressing individual travel risk assessments and subsequent management solutions, the greater variable of consequence or outcome is much higher for SMEs, which in turn prioritises management or corrective solutions. For example, an MNC with over 1,000 travellers in the region may have individualised the threat, risk and management for all 1,000 travellers but still has 1 or 2 negative events each year. The overall impact to the MNC, based on 2 out of 1,000 is likely relatively small although not completely neutral as those affected may be very senior or pivotal personnel. The SME on the other hand may also have just 1 or 2 incidents over the course of the year, resulting in significant delay, disruption, loss or life safety/security issues. However, they may only have a few travellers overall, making the outcome proportionally higher in risk and consequence for the organisation. If these 1 or 2 from just 3 or 4 travellers account for more than 20% of the company’s growth, new business, current earnings or brand/reputation then the results can be catastrophic for both the individual and the business. It’s for this reason that SMEs should never have the exact same view, rating or management of travel risk as an MNC.


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