How expensive is it to have a corporate travel risk assessment and management policy in place? What is the average per head cost per year?

The cost of having or implementing a corporate travel risk assessment and management policy and supporting procedure in place can be as little as $7 per journey or as much as $50 per journey with a full suite of integrated travel booking, management, monitoring, support, assessment, news and on-call assistance. This makes it extremely cost effective for both leisure and business travellers if conducted on a “per-access/use” basis rather than any annual fee or payment. Who knows exactly how much travel or to which location any one individual will make a year in advance? Companies have stopped over paying for services they never use on an annual basis for a more practical and cost effective model. Exactly the same as the travel administration and logistics process has been for decades, fee for service, not membership or subscription. This means that a traveller that only has one journey in a year is only paying for what they needed or used, e.g $7 to $50 while a very frequent traveller may pay a few hundred dollars over the course of a year due to the higher usage. As it is now applied as a constant across all travel bookings, businesses can better forecast and contain costs and eliminate up to 90% of wastage they may have incurred with outdated services or lack of travel risk management integration.

An effective audit or templated corporate travel risk management policy that can be quickly customised to a particular business can range from $2,500 to $7,000.

Very few businesses could justify not making such investments in the management of their traveller’s risks. To either their financial controller, the concerned colleagues and family or the courts in the event of claims or litigation.

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