What five tips can you offer companies that do not have a corporate travel risk assessment and management policy in place?

For those companies that do not yet have a corporate travel risk assessment and management policy or supporting procedures in place they need to map their efforts against the legal framework that requires them to demonstrate or prove that they have in fact made efforts to provide a safe work environment for their travellers. For most, it means just extending their existing health and safety processes to fully include business travel. This is simple 6 stage process.

  1. Knowledge,
  2. Business relevance,
  3. Resources
  4. Processes
  5. Compliance, and
  6. Verification

Knowledge relates to the requirement for the acquisition and maintenance of up-to-date health and safety knowledge both specific to their business and in general terms. A program of training and information monitoring will likely be required too.

Business relevance relates gaining and understanding of the nature of the business’ operations and understanding the hazards and risks associated with those operations. Threats, management or control measures and residual risk need to be systematically documented and processed.

Appropriate resources then need to be apportioned to both the corporate travel risk assessment and management process and affected traveller/s. Investment in adequate and relevant safety infrastructure, processes and systems will be required within reason.

Processes, procedures  and resources for considering and management of travel health, safety, security and risk management are then required. Information on hazards and risks must be monitored and communicated as appropriate along with any deficiencies in the existing risk management system that needs to be addressed.

Legal compliance to the specific workplace health and safety standards, codes of practice and company standards are required. Mapping the key compliance aspects to the new or in-place system is necessary in order to prove due diligence.

Verification of the existence of a system along with its implementation and consistency in application. Reviews, spot-checks and routine audits will be required in addition to the general travel and management metrics currently in use.

This process and subsequent steps will guide the creation of an overarching policy and supporting procedures for any business.


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