Journey and Travel Risk Assessments

If you’re travelling for business, you need to have a specific, tailored assessment of your journey and pending travel.

Not a generic rating or reference that is the same for every single traveller, nor a process that rates an entire country.

If you don’t currently have the internal expertise or experience to do this within your business, we can complete the process for you.



We focus on you as the traveller and make a detailed analysis and assessment of your personal preparedness to travel, along with any specific threats or hazards that might relate to you, the traveller.


Journey Specific

A comprehensive review and assessment based on the specifics of your travel agenda or itinerary and all the key aspects of this single journey/trip, excluding elements not relevant nor related to this time or trip.

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Journey Risk Assessments

The basic principles of both health/safety and risk management dictate that you provide demonstrable evaluation, plans and practices that provide contextual risk management and support for each new or hazardous business activity. This includes travel.

We can develop the assessment and specific analysis for a single journey, that integrates into your own business’ travel risk management system or deliver a stand alone, compliant report to mitigate risk and make better management decisions.

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Risk Based

Using both a standards and risk based methodology, we will take into account all the relevant aspects of your preparation, personal circumstances, destination, activity and all plausible events and actions.


Aviation Ratings

With aviation playing a significant role in most domestic and international travel, we include a nationwide evaluation of the aviation sector to assist in your commercial or charter flight considerations.

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Travel Risk Assessment

Our team of travel health, safety, security and risk management professionals pool all our resources, collect data, conduct running analysis and create specific, educational and actionable business advice to support your travel risk management systems or provide you immediate, cost effective compliance in the event you don’t have your own in-house capability.

The final result is an informative, detailed and re-usable result that can be used within your organisation for the duration of your trip. This includes a written report, presentation format and video version of all our findings

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Global Database

Taken from over 100 individual data and analysis metrics, our systematic approach to risk assessments provides any organisation significantly greater access and context then just internal resources. Small to medium businesses get immediate, cost effective access to global, competitive intelligence and data to support their market expansion and travel objectives.

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Maps and Visuals

There is not better medium for the communication and confirmation of information than clear, related visuals. We present complex and detailed information in highly interactive and useful formats such as maps and other orientation and navigation formats. This extends the life span of our analysis and provides quick and timely reference for travellers/managers.

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Extend the utility of the analysis and report with our inclusive multimedia format that is ideal for quick review, briefings, education and pre-travel inductions for your traveller or management. Included is a presentation format of the final report also.

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Management Support

Your report is the culmination of multiple expert and professional views, in a single, business focused result that enables travel. Our approach will assist you or your management on determining the best, most effective travel risk management strategy to proceed.

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