What travel risk assessment and management actions do you personally observe, and why?

I engage both a subjective and objective travel risk assessment and management process to all my travel. Subjectively, I will review the business objectives of the required journey encompassing the opportunity, cost, duration, activity, level of preparedness and local threats and support resources before committing to the journey whether it is domestic or international. If I am happy with individual and collective risk levels after taking into consideration management or mitigation factors that are in place, then and only then will I undertake the journey. Objectively, my journey, duration, activity, preparedness and all the local issues at my destination are evaluated by an independent team and system to generate an overall, personal risk assessment. If the overall risk is acceptable to the company and the management or control elements are adequate, then approval is granted. Only then do we consider costs. I do this for each and every trip I make for business. The whole process only takes a few minutes, with much of it automated but we have proof of our decision making and all the relevant information needed to make an informed decision is available at the time of decision. Most importantly, it is tailored and specific to me and my journey only, not an unrelated or irrelevant group rating or aggregation.


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