10 Free or Cheap Travel Tracking, Management and Monitoring Services


Many business and leisure travellers are considering the need for tracking, management and monitoring services. This solution alone, along with any other, will not completely solve all your travel risk management obligations and requirements. However, it can play a significant role in ensuring your safety and contact with others through formal and informal channels, during routine and emergency circumstances.

We often have our clients and partners request information and alternatives to consider when examining their business and leisure travel management options. The descriptions provided are direct from the providers themselves and there is a link to each of the providers for further consideration. There is no particular order to the list of services.
Below are 10 of the most accessible business and leisure travel tracking, locating and monitoring services for travellers, peers, friends or general groups  that we have trialled or used and can recommend as effective alternatives to the mainstream corporate tracking, locating and monitoring services.

 Service Options

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