Business Travel Checklist for Health, Safety and Security Management-Workers

Business Travel Checklist

For Health, Safety and Security Management-Workers

This first checklist is for business travellers.

The online checklist (or compliance tool) will:

How to and guide

Follow the directions and prompts on each page and answer each question in sequence. As you move through the checklist you will be presented with a series of questions on your planning, preparation, destination and support you have in place to identify and reduce the risks associated with business travel.

The checklist should only take about 15-20 minutes to complete for a traveller that is adequately prepared for the journey. You may be shocked to learn just how unprepared you are for the most basic of business trips and should it take you longer, it is a very good indication you are far less protected from the majority of issues affecting business travellers than you might think

What will the checklist achieve?

Both the business traveller and travel manager/risk manager will have a better understanding of the requirements of preparing for business trips and cover the issues that will assist in reducing over 90% of events that lead to avoidable business travel delays, disruptions and emergency interventions.

How can I customise the checklist for my company?

We have a number of industry and sector formats for company’s to tailor the checklist and entire system to support their travel health, safety and risk management objectives. Contact us for information on options and solutions to suit businesses and travel management actives of any size.

What about the management and compliance stage?

There is a separate checklist and process for travel health, safety and risk managers to complete, once the traveller has updated the details of their trip. This checklist will be available soon.

What about the results?

Individual results will be emailed to the one who completes the checklist. Group results and benchmarking data will be made available at select times to share with the wider audience how they compare with the wider business travel sector.



Business Travel Checklist For Health, Safety and Security Management

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