Bangkok, Thailand: City Update on Travel Health, Safety and Security


The latest on health, safety and security issues affecting Bangkok:

General Safety Issues for Bangkok

Key events, reports and activities relating to safety issues within Bangkok

Safety first, safety last – Bangkok Post

Safety first, safety lastBangkok PostIn Bangkok, it might be better to drive a car and get stuck in a traffic jam rather than take public transport. I decided not to drive because of our notorious and incurable congestion (regardless of who’s the gov …

Tourist operators demand Bangkok action | Bangkok Post: news – Bangkok Post

AsiaOneTourist operators demand Bangkok action | Bangkok Post: newsBangkok PostThe next Bangkok governor should ensure cleanliness and safety, convenience and comfort for visitors, private tourism operators say. Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiv …

Sukhumbhand: Safety for women – Bangkok Post

Bangkok PostSukhumbhand: Safety for womenBangkok PostBangkok governor candidate Sukhumbhand Paribatra of the Democrat Party has promised the women of Bangkok increased safety and improved health care if he is elected for a second term. MR Sukhumbhand …

Pongsapat unveils new safety policies for Bangkok – Pattaya Mail

The NationPongsapat unveils new safety policies for BangkokPattaya MailRecently, Bangkok Poll indicated that Pol Gen Pongsapat was holding a close lead in the election, garnering support from 36.3 percent of respondents, while Democrat candidate MR S …

Is it safe to travel to Bangkok? Important Bangkok safety tips

Is it safe to travel to Bangkok? Here are some extremely important safety tips for visiting Bangkok, Thailand!

One Night In Bangkok Makes Tourism Tumble

Maybe it is the pollution, high prices, and constant noise of Bangkok. Or, maybe it is the murders, muggings, and rapes that seem to be reported almost daily. I guess it could be the lack of safety in the Year of Tourist Safety in …

Health & Safety – Bangkok Travel Advice — Travel Blog | UniTravel …

Travel safe in Bangkok! This nice city can be challenging to visit if you are not well prepared. You can find useful tips that will help you making your travel easier.

Flash AnimationConcerts, Nightclubs, Sporting Events: Safety Strategies for Emergencies

Personal Safety Expert, David Nance, is interviewed on the American Edition of the Voice of Russia Radio and offers safety strategies when emergencies occur at various entertainment venues. When fires break out, seconds count! In less than one minute…

Thailand Street Food This video by Thai Law Forum delves in Thailand's street food culture, as well as some of the pros and cons of eating street food. Common causes of food poisoning are also discussed, along with the Thai Laws that govern food sa...


Fire hazard at university campus Bangkok

These are photos, taken on 27 November 2012, at a large university campus in Bangkok, Thailand. The emergency exits in these two buildings are blocked by trash. In the event of a fire or other emergency, escape would be impossible. We are asking that…

General Security Issues for Bangkok

Key events, reports and activities relating to security issues within Bangkok

Thai government invokes Internal Security Act ahead of protests …

I wish to inform you of the reasons behind the Government’s decision to announce the use of the Internal Security Act B.E. 2551 (2008) (ISA) in three districts of Bangkok, namely Phra Nakorn, Pomprab Sattrupai, and Dusit, …

Bangkok - Thailand Says Al-Qaida Eyes Attack on US Consulate …

Bangkok - Thai authorities have tightened security measures at the U.S. Consulate in the northern province of Chiang Mai following reports that it was a possible target of attack from al-Qaida and Salafist terrorist groups this …

Terror threat questioned | Bangkok Post: news – Bangkok Post

Thailand Business NewsTerror threat questioned | Bangkok Post: newsBangkok PostThere also was no elevated security level, or notice to US citizens in Thailand – steps that normally take place in case US officials believe there is a threat to any US i …

Bang Chan most at risk of power outage – Bangkok Post

Bangkok PostBang Chan most at risk of power outageBangkok PostEastern Bangkok’s Bang Chan Industrial Estate will likely be affected the most by the disruption of natural gas supplies from Myanmar in April, says the Industrial Estate Authority of Thai …

General Health Issues for Bangkok

Key events, reports and activities relating to health issues within Bangkok

Accidental Tourist: Visiting the Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok 

In 2008, Deloitte’s Center for Health Solutions estimated that 750 thousand Americans travelled overseas for medical care in 2007, and forecast a eight-fold increase by 2010 In a 2009 update, Deloitte found that the 2008 

Bangkok health officials on Rabies Alert (Aug 6, 2012) | Health Risk 

In Chom Thong District, a pet rabbit, infected with rabies, bit members of the family. The victims have received post-exposure anti-rabies shots. (Bangkok Post, 5 Aug 2012). The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) 

Exploring Bangkok Dental Services – Great Big Secret To A Healthy 

Exploring Bangkok Dental Services. | Author: The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, has evolved into a regional force of sorts. Equipped with technology and talent, Bangkok has emerged as one of the main centers of medical resources and 

Human health risks at the animal-human interface: As Asia’s 

View the full presentation: Human health risks at the animal-human interface, presented by Joachim Otte and Delia Grace at an Asia Regional Livestock Policy Forum held in Bangkok, 16–17 Aug 2012, and organized by ILRI, 

Thailand: Traffic Generates Health Hazards | Pulitzer Center

When one thinks of Bangkok, it’s easy to picture ornate temples, bustling markets, and spicy food. But ever since this capital’s rapid urbanization started in the 1980s, one ever-present and inescapable truth not found in travel 

Wow Medical Tourism Boom in Bangkok 2013 –

Though Bangkok is mainly famous for its exotic cuisine, vibrant beauty and hospitality but this pleasure-seeking holiday destination is also becoming a good choice for booming medical tourism….




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