Travel Risk Management Solutions

Travel Risk Management Solutions is an online resource and business dedicated to the issues related to business travel risks.

Travel Risk Management Solutions leverages of the disciplines of Health and Safety and Security Management to advise, review, develop and deliver solutions to hazards, risks and threats that may be encountered during travel.

Travel Risk Management Solutions has a range of free articles relating to the management of travel risks. Articles include investigation about Due Diligence and Duty of Care responsibilities and how this can be met and maintained in relation to travel management.

A travel specific audit tool has been developed by Travel Risk Management Solutions. This tool is able to be purchased and used internally to identify if an organisation currently meets their Due Diligence and Duty of Care requirements in relation to travel. Alternatively a Travel Risk Management Solutions consultant can audit your system to ascertain your compliance level. The results can be presented in either an AS 4801 format to mirror your Health and Safety System or a format of your choice.

Your risk exposure is dependant on a myriad of factors such as destination, travel frequency, the travel method, such as flying, driving, vessel moment or public transport and accommodation to name a few. Travel Risk Management Solutions will review your risk exposure level and develop a risk management system to best suit your needs, avoiding unnecessary cost and reducing your level of exposure.

Travel Risk Management Solutions is also able to deliver the proposed solutions. Our ability to deliver content specific training, travel systematisation and networking into related service providers such as medical evacuations and crisis management makes Travel Risk Management the logical provider for your travel management needs.

The owners, directors, authors, contributors and consultants of Travel Risk Management Solutions are experienced professionals and have worked at all organisational levels. These professionals are able to understand the issues related to travel and travel management.

Their experience allows Travel Risk Management Solutions to provide specific targeted solutions based on your exposure during travel allowing cost effective, measurable results protecting your most valuable and irreplaceable assets – your people.

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