Visa application procedure from CIBT

Steps for Applying Visa using CIBT

Follow these steps for applying fast and easy travel visas.


Step One: Go to our Online Travel Visa Application website

[Use this link only]

Click and select traveller’s nationality by clicking on the drop down list.

Click and select country of destination by clicking on the drop down list.

If Embassy or Consular jurisdiction is enforced, click and select the state of

residence from drop down.

Select purpose of trip (i.e. business, leisure).

Click the Submit button.


Step Two: Gathering Information for an Order

You will be presented with easy to read onscreen information about your visa request results. From here you can view documentation required, processing options, consular closing dates, processing fees and more.


Step Three: Start your order

To get started complete the online order form. Be sure to print or email the CIBTvisas Application Pack which gives you a summary of the travel documents you requested, important information, step-by-step instructions for the personal documents you need to provide and the application forms you need to fill out.

Throughout the online order process you will see the progress of your order entry at the top of each page. Each arrow indicates what stage of the online order process you are in.

   *Starting an order - Collection and Despatch

CIBT provides a courier collection and despatch service, if required, and the details for this can be found on the second page of the online order flow.

* Starting an order - Selecting a Despatch Method

CIBT provides various methods of returning your documents upon completion. Understanding the nature of travel is our strong point. We provide flexibility based on your needs whether it is sending your documents via registered secure mail or arranging a point to point service to either you or your traveller.


* Starting an order - Selecting Services, Fees and Payment

CIBT provides flexible payment options via E-Way’s secure online payment gateway. Our clients personal information will be kept safe and secure through this trusted provider.

Step Four: Send your personal documents and completed forms to CIBTvisas.


Once you have gathered your personal documents and completed the forms make a copy for your records and submit the originals to the CIBTvisas location listed in the CIBTvisas Application Pack. They will begin processing your order as soon as they receive it.  CIBTvisas will email you a summary of your order and will contact you if additional information is required.


    * Review and Submit an Order

You are now ready to review the details of your order and click Submit. Once you click submit your order is received in our system and set as awaiting documentation. You should ensure that your documents are sent with sufficient time to process and return back to you/your traveller.




Need Date Validation – Reviewing the Traveller’s Date Required

CIBT’s website automatically validates the information that you provide to ensure that the date by which you have requested to have all documents returned to the traveller can be accommodated. Need date validation looks at the consular closures and processing times to determine if the dates entered can be met. If not, you will be prompted to either enter a new date required, new shipping method or change speed of processing if more than one option is available.

Updating a Shipping Method or Address

The shipping method selected can be changed up to the time the file is activated by a CIBT staff member. The nominated address may be changed up until the point at which we charge or invoice the order. If there is a need to update the shipping method but the file has been activated, email and provide the details. To access an order and change the shipping method or address:


Checking the Status of an Order in Process

CIBT provides updates of your order during every stage of progress from the moment we receive your documents up until they have been despatched. Our online tracking tool allows our clients to view real time tracking of the application from our website.


Service Fees

Consular fees and CIBTvisas fees are charged per traveller. The total price of your order will depend on the services you select, the number of travellers and the number of business days we have to process your order, starting with the day we receive all your completed forms and information. CIBTvisas fees are per person and are exclusive of Consular fees and third party fees. Various forms of payment for visa processing are dictated by Diplomatic Missions. Where applicable a $8.95 money order fee may apply. This fee will not be displayed on your order confirmation, it will displayed on your final invoice. CIBTvisas reserves the right to share a 3.5% consular fee levy.


Up to 2 Weeks Excl. GST Incl. GST

Consular Fee: $553.18 $553.60

CIBTvisas Fee: $116.00 $127.60

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